New Search Filters Added to Mobile Apps by Twitter

It seems like Twitter is on a roll to introduce new features. While previous week saw the introduction of custom timeline, this week it’s time for some new search filters. With these search filters, it will be really easy for you to find out the exact tweet that you are searching for. Android and iOS users can use these search filters, which have been added to these mobile apps. Different types of filters have been added, from which you can make your own selection. If you want to read tweets on some particular event or topic, you can do so easily with the help of this filter. Here we have provided a brief insight into what new additions have been made.


Toggle between all Tweets and Top Tweets

With this filter, you can see all tweets and if you wish, you can toggle it to check out just the top tweets of the day. This will be available on top of the search results. The tweets that you see will be based on any particular topic or event.

Photo Search Filter

The photo search filter will help you find out photos which you prefer to see. Tweets with awesome photos will be available to you through this filter. You will also be given the option to change the layout view as per your choice. You can see the photos either in a list layout or a grid layout.

Filter Tweets

If you just want to see the tweets from those whom you are following, you can use this filter. No tweets from any stranger will show up. Here again you will get the option to toggle, as mentioned above. So, use this filter if you are keen to know what your friends are discussing about.

New Trending Timeline

With the new trending timeline, you will be able to find out about latest trends and events happening near your surroundings.  Apart from events, you will also get tweets about trending TV shows. If you want to access this timeline, you have to use the Discover tab. You will not only know about the trends but also the tweets which are associated with it.

Video Filter

Just like the photo search filter, you can filter videos as well. You will be able to see tweets having videos of your choice.

With all these new search filters, it will definitely improve your user experience. If you are tired of seeing tweets which you are not interested in, you can now start taking advantage of this new feature of Twitter. It will show you exactly the tweets that you want to see. It will soon be available for download in both the App Store and Google Play.

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