LinkedIn Showcase Pages- All You Need to Know

Social media sites are always making one addition or the other to their existing features to increase the user experience. LinkedIn is the latest social site to make such an addition. Last week, LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages for their members. This feature is somewhat an extension of the existing LinkedIn Company Pages. The introduction of Showcase Pages will help both company owners as well as their followers. Showcase Pages will permit companies to focus on different features of their brands and build a good relationship with their community. Followers can now learn more about certain features that are offered by the companies they follow. Know more about this new addition below:


How can Companies use this feature?

As mentioned earlier, if you have a company page, you can use this feature to highlight your unique features. It will help you to reach out to people who are really interested to know about your business. Your company page will give an overall idea about your business, whereas these child pages will provide an in-depth view about various aspects of your brand. You can create a long term relationship with your followers using these pages. If your aim is to market your business, use only your company page. Do not use Showcase pages for this purpose. These pages will automatically help in driving engagement. However, make sure you are active and update your pages regularly.

Setting up a Showcase Page

You can easily set up a showcase page if you are an administrator of a company page. You need to click the Edit dropdown menu and from there select Create a Showcase Page. Now you need to provide a name for the page you want to create. You can also select any administrator for that page if you like, provided you are directly connected with the person. Once you are done, click Create. Now fill up the page details and click Publish. This can also be done by that page’s administrator. Now your Showcase page will be visible to your followers. Initially for your company page, you can create maximum of 10 Showcase pages.

How Followers can find this feature beneficial?

If company owners can benefit from this feature, their followers will also be equally benefitted. If you follow any Company Page and want to know more about that company, you will love the Showcase pages. These pages will help you to know more about any particular aspect of the company. You can visit their pages and get the latest updates. In order to get these updates on your feed, you have to ‘Follow’ the Showcase pages separately.

So, it can be assumed that this new addition of LinkedIn will turn out to be helpful for both the company owners and their followers.


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