All New Way to Create Great Content with Klout

Klout has released its all new version with which users can create great content which can be shared by their friends and followers in different social media sites. With increased content sharing, the Klout score of the users will also increase considerably. Even if you do not want to increase your Klout score, you can become a good content creator with this latest version.


First step for Klout towards their vision

Klout has taken its first step towards fulfilling its vision to make people known by others in their social media circle, for what they love. Klout has leveraged their huge collection of social data and their experience to create this new platform for content creation.


The ‘Create’ tab will provide you with articles and blog posts of topics in which you are interested in. These posts are worth sharing with your social media circle. Not only that, you will also get suggestions regarding posts which are interesting but haven’t been shared much by others. Klout will endorse posts which might strike a chord with your friends, followers and fans. Useful tags are there which focus on fresh content that is trending and content which matches with your audience’s interest.


With the ‘Schedule’ tab, you can set up your posts at that time when your social media audience will actually see them. You have to select a time zone for your Klout profile and based on that the posts can be scheduled.


The ‘Measure’ tab lets you track and measure your impact on our social media audience. The more your posts are shared and commented in related social sites, the more chances you have of getting a higher Klout score. With this tab, you will be able to get an idea whether your content is giving the results you want or not.

However, you have to be patient. Your Klout score won’t just develop in a few days. It will take some time. Keep on sharing interesting content and it will gradually increase. You can even create your own content and get deeper information on your social impact. This will be possible with the launch of new tools by Klout in the coming weeks.

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