Humor on Social Media: How Much It Really Works?

Humor is appealing but can get controversial at times. When we talk about humor on social media platforms, we can add that it has mostly been controversies’ favorite child when gone the wrong way. It is extremely important to wield it with proper discretion as it may not always prove to be a great asset for all kinds of brands. The power of humor can sure leave you with some of the unimaginable benefits but when not hit with the right approach, they can also get you on platform where you may even have to seek forgiveness simply because you unknowingly hurt sentiments.

Incorporating the elements of humor within your social media content can be challenging but extremely rewarding at the same time, probably the reason why we would encourage you to learn the art instead of boycotting the idea completely.

Humor on social media

Why humor?

It can’t be denied that the use of humor in the social media platforms has given way to a boost in advertising and its reach among the masses. Humor is a great way to connect with your target audience in social media. It can also get your brand the kind of attention it has always been vying for. When you know your humor has successfully connected and emotionally established a relation with them, chances are that your brand will have more engaging audiences who may even further share the content and spread the word across.

Basic concerns to take note of!

Brands that are keen on employing some healthy humor as comic relief in their social media contents, must take a few important factors into considerations. Here they are:


This is often the first concern! Will comedy hold good for a certain brand that is looking to create some humor? What kind of humor should be allowed? Will the people be able to relate with it well? Is it fitting for the current ‘tone of voice’ of the brand? Can it be related with the image of the brand? Make sure that the humor stands relevant to the products, brands or services associated with the brand. It should also be matching with the overall social media strategy.


We all know that comedy and humor is all about timing and this holds absolutely true with the social media campaign which has a culture of being quick, fast and rapid. Comedy about something that has taken place a few months back may not grab attention but if it has something to do with a new development trending in, it will surely have a huge impact.

Have an eye for these details too!

Here are other things which you may want to have a look at. Find out what we have explored from the experiences of different brands incorporating humour in their social media profiles.

“Funny is not really universal”

You must keep in mind that what you think can turn out to be funny may not be the same for others. Imagine a comic photograph being uploaded and then even if it got few likes initially, one negative comment followed by several others resulted into the deletion. This is quite common on social media platforms and this is the reason why you need to see everything with different angles.

Research over the potential reaction it can have from people and make sure that it’s not something offensive. If you feel it has started hurting sentiments on a serious note, be generous enough to apologize for the same.

“When it’s a doubt, better leave it out!”

If you are trying to be funny with a thing but are really unsure about the result it can fetch, it is advisable to simply leave it out. Make sure that you simply boycott the idea before it begins to blow off someone straight on face and turns out to be something unacceptable or hard to digest. Remember, you are not a comedy professional so act like a social media professional and try to explore the pros and cons of the same. Measure the impact before it’s too late.

How to get it right?

Now before you plan of hitting on with a humor element on your social media profiles, here are the different forms of humor you need to carefully have a look at. Get headed in the right direction and these will help you find out how.


Observance and perseverance can lead you through the right path. You can choose to pick up an everyday problem or issue, something that is related with your brand. The humor can also include a casual solution which will be much appreciated. If there is anything related that has also appeared in the media, don’t hesitate and go ahead with that.


Humor that has something to do with parody can also help you in poking a bit of fun and should be welcomed. It can become one of the most loved and memorable elements of humor ever produced by your brand on social media profiles. It can evoke the right emotion in the most suitable time.

Non-promotional approach

Humor can’t get the right way on social media platforms when accompanied with over-promotional details. When you try packing up excess brand specific information there, the element of humor fades – and ultimately fails! The moment your target audience smells and detects elements of ‘only promotion’, they are gone and this time may be never to come back again.

Lastly, don’t expect the humor to fetch you 100% benefits all the time. You know when it works. It also gives your brand a reasonable boost and popularity and when it does not work, there might be a few good reasons to explore. Be the one to explore and dig out quality humor from different aspects of life and establish its connection with your brand – logically and strategically!

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