How to Use LinkedIn to Draw Recruiters towards your Profile?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, use of LinkedIn is rare. However, it is really important for professionals to remain active in LinkedIn. Young professionals come back to this site only when they are unemployed or are disappointed with their current job. Does it sound familiar? Well, if you think that updating your profile once in a while and applying to job posts will give you a plethora of job offers, you are completely mistaken. You need to optimize your profile properly and remain active in order to draw recruiters towards your profile. There are many ways to optimize your profile. Follow them properly and you can attract hiring managers without much difficulty.

LinkedIn profile optimization

  • Vanity URL

If you haven’t yet created your own vanity URL in LinkedIn, you might be missing out on many opportunities. When you have your customized URL with your name, it will help in making your name appear in Google search. All you need to do is go to ‘Edit Profile’ option and click on ‘Edit’, which is beside the present URL (just below your profile picture). Click on the ‘Customize your public profile URL’ which is in ‘Your public profile URL’ box located at the bottom right. Now change it with your name. This will assist recruiters in finding your profile easily and get all the required information.

  • Use of Keywords

You do not need to be an expert in SEO to use the right keywords in your profile. With proper keyword usage, hiring managers can find you out easily. Use words which are related to your experience and the skills you possess. For example, if you are a ‘content writer’, make sure you use it in your profile. If you use ‘Content writing’ instead, it will not help you much. Also try and use synonyms of the words. This will increase the chances of getting more views from prospective recruiters.

  • Recommendations

These are really useful to make your profile stronger. If you can get positive recommendations from your past employers or colleagues, it will make a good impression on the hiring managers. Recommendations can act as good credentials when it comes to employment offers. Try to get recommended for your skills and experience so that it highlights your abilities.

  • Profile Picture

If your profile doesn’t have your picture or you have put up a photo of unrelated things, you are not likely to be considered at all. Make sure you add a decent photo of yours in your account. This will add credibility to your profile and it is likely to be viewed more by head hunters.

  • Grow your Connections

When you grow your connections the probability of attracting more recruiters increases. Adding HR managers can turn out to be fruitful. You can directly send requests or you can also increase your connections by joining different groups where you will find prospective hiring managers.

Make your LinkedIn profile a strong one and see how many visits you get from probable recruiters at the end of the day.

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