How To Handle Customers On Social Media Networks

It is so unfortunate that some people use the social media as place venting out their issues about a company’s products or services. They usually use the social media to launch attack on a company or a business. These kinds of customers can cause a lot of damage on the reputation of your brand. You have to be very keen on how you handle these customers. The way you handle the nastiest complains matters a lot. Below are tips on how to handle these mean customers:


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1 Respond fast

Delayed feedback can be very frustrating. Every human being wants to be attended to as soon as possible. When you are dealing with an angry customer, ensure you answer him/her as fast as you can. The more you delay your feedback, the angrier he/she will become. It is just the same case as when you call a customer help line and you are put on hold. The longer you have to wait, the more frustrated you become. It is thus advisable that you respond to questions and complains as quickly as possible. Let the complaining customer know that you have heard him/her and you are working on the complaint.

2 Don’t respond

Emotionally the worst mistake you can make is answering an irate customer angrily. This will only end up hurting the customer. You don’t have to lower yourself to the level of these angry customers. Try to treat them pleasantly.

You might not be able to win their hearts back but you will have guard your dignity. You should handle them the same way you handled them when they were good customers. If you refuse to get involved in an online battle, their anger is likely to fizzle and they will move on. Respond professionally and other customers will respect your company or business. Online battles will only spoil your good image therefore avoid them.

3. Establish a personal connection

Make sure that your social media handler sign their tweets and posts. This makes your customers become aware that you are a real person. This is better than just dealing with some faceless entity’s you making your response; ensure that you use the customer’s name. This helps you build a deep and trustworthy relationship. The customers feel more connected to the service provider.

4. Struggle for a positive outcome

Ensure that the customer knows that you are trying the best you can to give them the best solution. Don’t just respond in order to calm them down. Anger is not their problem. Instead, they want their complaint attended to. You should thus make them know that you are ready to handle their complaints. If you don’t, they will continue complaining and ruin your reputation.

5 Go offline

Some details are too sensitive to be exposed in public. Try direct messaging and email the customer. Try to get more information about his/her complaints privately. This will help you avoid splashing all the details over the social media. After you have resolved the issue with the customer, ensure that you share that through the social media. This shows how seriously you handle your customers.

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