How to Create a Valuable Facebook Post?

If you really want to reach out to your users, you must create a valuable Facebook post. With thousands of posts being shared in Facebook in a minute, it is essential that you have a well-crafted post so that users find it interesting enough and check it out.  The placement of the post in users’ news feed depends on different aspects like the engagement level, the frequency between each post and its relevancy to the user. You have to create such a post which can keep the users engaged. Here are some ways through which you can create a valuable Facebook post for your users.

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  • Have a good mix of valuable and promotional posts

Keeping your brand identity intact, you should create posts which provide value to the users. You should follow the 80/20 rule, when creating your posts. 80% content should be valuable or entertaining and 20% content should be for promoting your product or brand.

  • Keep an image in your posts

An image in your posts can help draw the attention of the users really well. User engagement through photos is more, compared to text based content. When you are posting a photo in the timeline, use a 403 by 403 pixels photo. If the photo you post is not of the mentioned size, make sure you ‘reposition photo’ to display it properly.

  • Provide quality content only

Quality content is essential for every online aspect, be it for your website, your blog or any social media post. So, when you create a post in Facebook, make sure you provide users with content which they find valuable. You can either provide them with entertaining or educative content. As mentioned earlier, it is best to provide both.

  • Shorten or delete links

When you are sharing any post, the link of that content will automatically come in the text copy. Make sure you delete it. You can also shorten the link. This will make the post look better. If you are wondering that deleting the link will delete your entire post, you are mistaken. All you need to do is paste the link and the post will be populated. Once it is done, you can delete the link from the post, without deleting the content. You can shorten links with the help of different sites like

  • Keep relevant ‘Call to Action’

Depending on the post you share, you must include different ‘call to action’. With a proper CTA, you can either drive traffic to your site or you can increase the engagement level of that particular post. Common examples of CTA include “Share!” “Click here”, “Comment”, etc.

You must know the right time when your post can garner the maximum engagement. Follow the above tips and post at the right time. That will help you to create a valuable Facebook post.

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