Have You Taken Advantage of LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio Yet?

LinkedIn had introduced the Professional Portfolio long back in May. This feature has allowed visual content to be added in the profile itself. With this feature, professionals can display their achievements in the form of videos, images, links and presentations. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this feature, you are lagging behind others. Make your LinkedIn profile even stronger by adding visual content. Here we have provided the steps that you need to follow to add these types of content.

LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio

Get Started

To get started, you need to first click on ‘Edit’, which is beside the ‘Improve your profile’ button, next to your profile photo. Now you can add the links or upload files directly to your profile. You can add these types of content for the Summary, Experience and Education section. Go to each section and add links, images or any other documents to highlight your professional or educational achievements. For each section, you will find the Edit button in the upper right hand corner. Next to it, you will find a box and a + sign. Click on it and a drop down menu with two options will appear. You can either click on the Add Link or Upload File option as per your preference.

  • Embed Videos

You can embed videos from the supported video providers. Just add the URL of the video in the space provided and your video will be there in the section where you want it to be. Make sure you have a nice call to action in the title so that your profile viewers see that video.

  • Embed Audios

If not videos, you can embed audios as well with your Professional Portfolio.

  • Display Presentations

To make your profile content rich, you can display presentations in your Professional Portfolio that you have created in SlideShare, Prezi or Scribd. It will make your profile even stronger.

  • Highlight your Achievements with Images

If you have won awards or achieved some big feat, you can highlight that with images. Achievements will be even more appreciated if you lend a visual touch to it. You can use photos of trophies you received or snapshots of any social events that you were a part of. To show your social strength, you can also add screenshots of testimonials or tweets of appreciation.

  • Add Public Links

If you don’t want to upload images, you can add links to your profile. The links must be public and live. LinkedIn will automatically take image from there and display it in your profile. If you write blogs, you can add the links of those blogs.

Get going and make your LinkedIn profile a visually appealing and strong profile. However, make sure you know about the approved video, image and audio providers and the type and size of content that you can upload. Also know about the formats of the content you can upload. You can learn more about this once you start adding links and files.

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