Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for your SEO

2013 has drastically changed the way in which search engine optimization is carried out. Search engine optimizers, marketers as well as bloggers now have to follow the correct procedure in order to keep their rankings intact in the search results. New techniques have cropped up which the marketers have to follow diligently. However, the use of tools for SEO assistance is still prevalent. If you want to make your SEO process easier, here are some SEO extensions of Google Chrome which can prove to be really helpful.

Google Chrome Extensions for your SEO

Tools for SEO Page Analysis

  1. SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank

You can get an extensive SEO report for any website and page. In-depth analysis of a webpage is done by this tool and you will get information about factors like SEO Content, SEO Keywords, Visitors, Mobile, Usability, SEO Backlinks, Social Monitoring and many more.

  1. Mozbar

This Google Chrome extension is used by majority of SEO professionals. If you have this extension installed in your browser, you can get crucial SEO metrics for the websites you visit. Different metrics like Domain Authority, Keyword Highlights, Page Authority, Link Profile, etc. will be visible. This extension is also integrated with the SERPs. You can also access other SEO tools using Mozbar.

  1. PageRank Status

When you have this extension, you can find shortcuts to other tools as well as different types of data needed to analyze a webpage. When you are visiting a webpage, you will get detailed information about various metrics like Traffic Stats, Link Stats, Domain Information, SEO Stats, Page Speed and Page Information. That is not all. You will also get a list of all the external and internal links in that page with do-follow and no-follow links highlighted in the list.

SERP Tools

  1. SEO Global For Google Search

With this Google Chrome SEO extension, you can see how search results of Google will appear in different countries, cities and regions. If you don’t find your desired location, you can personalize the default set of countries and add your own custom location. This will help you to keep track of the search results of that location.

  1. SEO SERP Workbench

This extension helps you to check the search engine ranking of any webpage while you are browsing through it. You don’t need to do this manually. If you want to track the position of multiple URLs in search engine results page, this extension will be really beneficial. It is also available for various countries.

Install these extensions and make your SEO process easier.

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