SEO is Not Dead- It has changed for Good in 2013

2013 was the year when many algorithmic changes were made in Google. This caused many people to come to the conclusion that SEO is dead. But in reality it is not. It has just changed for good in 2013. The importance on content started from a long time. However, the official stamp came in the form of Google’s Hummingbird update. It essentially focused on the need for using quality content for promoting a website. In addition to it, the introduction of secure search also brought in a change in keyword ranking policy. So, what changes happened in 2013? Let’s have a look.

SEO algorithmic update by Google

Early signals

Google had started giving early signals to SEO marketers regarding the impending changes in their algorithms, right from 2011. In fact, algorithms like Panda and Penguin clearly signaled towards the removal of black hat policies and increasing relevancy on quality content. The slow and steady rise of the ‘not provided’ keywords also indicated a paradigm shift to a content-centric model from a keyword centric one.

Changes that took place in 2013

Now let’s check out some of the changes that took place in 2013 and changed SEO forever.

  • Updates in Google Panda and Penguin

There were many updates happening for Google Panda as well as Penguin in 2013. While Panda concentrated on decreasing the ranking of sites with low quality content, Penguin update affected sites which did not follow Google’s guidelines. This update attacked web-spam. Black hat practice, spammy links, duplicate content were shown the door with these updates.

  • Introduction of Hummingbird Algorithm

In September 2013, Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm which made search results friendlier. The search queries made by the users provided with more direct answers. This algorithmic change again focused on quality content. Websites which had more informative content, ranked higher than those with low quality content.

  • Secure Search

The most important change that took place in 2013 was that of secure search. Site owners were no longer able to find keyword data for users coming to their site. So, site owners either had to adapt to the change or simply go down in the SERPs.

Common Misconceptions

With the changes, many misconceptions were prevalent among site owners. While some believed that SEO was dead, others thought that they could survive in this changed SEO world with the same old strategies. If you are still searching for keyword data to make your business work, you are completely going in the wrong direction. As SEO has changed forever, the tactics also need to be changed.

What will work in reality?

  • Integrating web page with analytics has become really important if you want to survive. It should be your key strategy if you want to give your competitors a tough competition.

  • Content was important earlier but has become even more important now. Quality content has become indispensable for every site.

  • Various social media sites have also become important. Making your brand presence felt in these sites is also essential now.

So, adapt to the changed SEO world and implement new strategies to outdo your competitors in the New Year.

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