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Link building is important for better search engine ranking. Google too values the both the quantity and quality of links pointing back to your site. Links can be obtained in various ways and through various kinds of web pages. Article marketing is one of the very popular ways to achieve links. For some, it may be little challenging, but article marketing is an effective tool for increasing search engine rankings, if you can do it properly.

Most of the content available online comes in forms of articles and blog posts and they come from various different sources. Some publish content solely for the purpose of study and research work, many use them for marketing. You can create content on various topics depending on the industry you are representing. The only thumb rule is to keep it unique and fresh. Search engines, especially Google are very strict about duplicate content and its Panda updates are very strict about determining the freshness of your content. This search engine giant penalize sites with duplicate content and rewards sites that have fresh and unique content with higher ranking on its search pages.

article link-building

When it comes to article marketing you will also need to consider a few technicalities apart from freshness of the article. The keyword density is the first of all and the most important of all. For ranking, keywords are important; but it is essential to maintain a proper balance of the keywords while inserting them into your article and blog posts. Overusing them in content is regarded as spamming. The next is the title of your article. It must be eye-catching and also have the main keyword/ phrase in it. This helps the readers as well as search engines to understand what your article is about. Using good anchor-text is also important for the indexing process of the search engines. It must also be strategically placed in the content as it will be pointing back to your website.

You can submit your content in blogs and article directories as well as in the free website services like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, HubPage, Squidoo, EzineArticles and Yola. It is recommended to opt for quality over quantity. For example, an article published on Squidoo or EzineArticles has higher value than posting 100 articles on various directories. Make sure you are maintaining the balance between quantity and quality.

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