Improving Your Company’s Internet Presence

It is becoming increasingly important for small and local businesses to ensure that they have an online presence that represents their company and the services they offer. If you work for a small business then you may be aware of the important role search engines play in directing new customers to local companies.   When a person searches online for specific services or products, search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing locate all companies offering these services or products in the local area and present the findings in a list. The position of the companies on the list is determined by the amount of web traffic they receive, and as a result you need to make sure that your company is as high up the list as possible, if not at the top.   There are a number of ways to do this and some time should be spend considering which products software will be most suitable in helping you achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Improving Your Company's Internet Presence

Local SEO Tools

There are two different ways you can increase your business’s search engine ranking, and these are known as inorganic and organic methods. Inorganic methods utilise advertising programs such as pay-per-click to to increase online ranking, whereas the organic methods use a number of programs to identify your ranking as well as where your company is mentioned on the Internet.   Organic methods can also include things like rewriting existing content and adding new text to the site, and these methods are much more beneficial to your online presence as they ensure your site is relevant and up to date. The best organic methods you can use are pieces of software known as local SEO tools.   SEO stands for search engine optimization, and local search engine optimization focuses on the local area your company operates in. This means the tools will only focus on raising your ranking higher than that of your competitors. There are many different local SEO tools you can choose to use so I suggest you research and read reviews of any pieces of software you’re considering buying.

Beneficial SEO Tools

All local businesses should look to purchase a local search rank checker. This tool identifies your company’s search engine ranking on the aforementioned engines, and you can compare weekly rankings to work out what is and isn’t working on the website.

If your clients are interested in your search engine ranking this tool will allow you to generate white-label ranking reports, which provide detailed information regarding search engine positioning. Another extremely beneficial tool I suggest you buy is a local SEO check-up.

This will allow you to locate other websites and directories where your company has been mentioned and view what has been written about your business. You will also be able to see if the author has provided up to date relevant contact information like addresses, emails and phone numbers. There are a variety of companies that make local SEO tool software, but I would advise you to buy from a reputable developer such as Brightlocal.

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James Murphy is a technology blogger with strong understanding of organic methods that can be used to increase a website’s local search engine ranking. In his spare time James enjoys writing science fiction and visiting sciences museums.

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