Creating An Effective Landing Page – 2

Landing page, as we have discussed in our previous post, is an important tool for grabbing users’ attention and lead generation. But for that you need a well designed and visually appealing landing page. Besides, it must be able to guide your visitors effectively through the process to generate leads. And as mentioned earlier, a number of factors contribute to the effectiveness of a landing page. We have already discussed a few of such tips and here are some more.

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An effective landing page that results in higher conversion must always include a proper call to action or CTA. As the name suggests, a proper CTA will guide your visitors about what to do next and what to expect. For example, whether to call your toll free number or click a link to order/ purchase the particular product. This will give a clear indication to your visitors about their action. However, just a single line stating Call Us or Click Here will hardly do any good to you. You will need a well designed CTA to attract the attention of your visitors.

Also, give them as much options as possible to reach you. An email id and phone number is a must. If possible, provide a live chat option. If you are using a contact form in your landing page, make sure it is well created. It must be professionally designed and be careful about the amount of information you are asking from your visitor and stay away from asking too much.

If you have enough time and resource, it is a good idea to create two different versions of the landing page and do some experiment with both. Testing the effectiveness of both the versions will help you to determine which version is giving a better result in creating impact on your visitors. This will also help you to understand what features of the page are attracting your visitors and you can use this information for your future landing pages as well.

Finally, it is equally important to build credibility and trust factors for your landing page. You can earn your visitors’ trust through various tools and customer testimonials are one of them. In fact, it plays a crucial role in gaining trust of your visitors. In addition, you must include some other elements in your landing page such as company logo, certifications, partner logos, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

In case you are yet to achieve your desired result with your landing page, it is time to do a microscopic review of its essential elements with our tips and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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