5 Changes of Google and Its Impact on SEO

Contrary to what most of the people have started believing, SEO is not dead. The recent changes that have been introduced by Google have changed the approach of SEO, leading to a more strategic one.  However, you cannot say yet that tactical SEO is dying. The developments will definitely have a strong impact on the entire process of search engine optimization. What remains to be seen is how the change will take place. Starting from disabling free keyword data availability to introducing the Hummingbird algorithm, over the past few months, many developments have taken place. Here you will get to know how such changes can affect search engine optimization.


1.       Secure Organic Searches

Organic searches have been made secure since 23rd September, 2013. Now webmasters cannot get keyword data for users who are visiting their websites through Google search. This will prove to be difficult as webmasters won’t be able to understand the intent of the visitors coming to their site.  They won’t be able to know how many visitors are actually turning into customers.

Now keyword data will not be easily available and webmasters have to find out more innovative ways to track their visitors.

2.       Hummingbird Algorithm

The introduction of Hummingbird Algorithm has brought about changes in the way the search results are provided by this giant search engine. Earlier Google couldn’t accurately register search queries which were done in a conversational way. Now, when such queries are made by users, the results displayed are much better.

Through this algorithm, Google tries to take into account, every word in the query rather than picking up particular words.

3.       No PageRank Changes

PageRank which used to show the importance of any website and was updated almost every three months, have not seen any change since February. A site with a high PR was considered to be better than the one with a low PR. If you rely on the use of this tool, you need to start using other modes of measurements. Since the last eight months, no PageRank update has taken place. So, we can assume that this tool may soon become extinct.

4.       Google In-depth Articles

Introduced in August 2013, this feature of Google is a section which features content which is researched really well and covers a broad topic.  When a broad search is made, say for the word ‘brain’, along with regular results, three results of in-depth articles are provided, along with their images. These articles may not always appear and depends on the query made. However, they are definitely going to help in terms of SEO.

5.       Google+

Though not a new change, Google+ has recently started to make a fair impact on the search results. You can now get personalized results as per your query. So, this is definitely going to make your search experience better.

Now you know how the changes can cause a shift in the approach of SEO. If you have a website, it is better to become acquainted with these changes and optimize your site so as to appear in the search results.

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