4 SEO Trends You Should be Familiar With

This year has seen a lot of changes in terms of search engine optimization. Google Penguin 2.0 update and introduction of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm have made their impact on the way SEO is conducted. If you have a website to manage, you need to be well aware of the latest trends in SEO. The search engine optimization scenario is changing at a quick pace. Quality of site and relevancy of links are going to play an important role in determining the ranking of a site in the coming year. The importance of quality content has already grown and it is expected to grow even more. If you have a site with spammy content, get rid of it as soon as possible.   Here we have discussed 4 SEO trends which you should know, in order to book a good position for your website in the SERPs.

SEO Trends

  1. Highly researched and detailed content

The phrase ‘Content is King’, has almost become a clichéd in the web world. You might have heard that a thousand times. However, the way the content is used is changing. Gone are the days when you could expect an article of 500 words, to make a strong impact on the search results. Now, long write-ups which have a minimum limit of 1000 words and which exceed 2000 words will be given more value. However, you must make sure they are highly researched and well written and help the readers.

  1. Power of the author

With Google Authorship, the power of the author is getting important day by day. If you haven’t yet made use of this, you are lagging behind others. With Google Authorship, people can know about the websites where you write other than your own site.  Blog posts written by you will get a significant ranking in the search results based on your authority. The quality of the sites you are writing in, the frequency of your posts, social signals and the engagement you make with your readers are some of the factors that will help in increasing your ranking.

  1. Diverse content base

One of the latest trends in SEO is the variation in content. By content you no longer mean the normal written piece of information. People visiting your site might not have the patience to read a 1000 words article. Instead if you create an infographic or a video or add images to your content, it will make the content more attractive and readers will be interested in it. So create a diverse content base and see your ranks soar.

  1. Social media promotion

Promoting your brand through social media is not a new trend. It has been going on for quite some time now and the extent has increased manifold. Social medial signals are now used more for SEO. Create accounts in various social channels for your brand and promote your site using them.

Follow these trends and you are bound to increase your website’s SEO rankings.

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