3 iOS Apps for a Better Living

A lot of people are now using their mobile phones for mind and body relaxation with meditation tracks and techniques. In fact, there are many apps available to help users with guided meditations. In this post we have listed some guided meditation apps for iOS devices.

Sleep Cycle: We all know how important to start your day early, especially if you are planning to meditate or are on a fitness regime. However, waking up early is easier said than done.  The good news is Sleep Cycle mainly designed to make your waking up a little less traumatic as it will analyze your sleep patterns and will wake you up when you are in your lightest phase of sleep. Also, it will provide you data to show your sleep pattern, based on which you can determine how poorly or how well you slept. In general, the sleep-tracking devices are quite expensive and also involve wearing a headgear, which is annoying. Sleep Cycle, on the other hand, is just an iOS app where you only need to keep your smartphone in the bed and this app automatically senses your sleep phase, based on your movement.

Cost: $0.99

 iOS Apps for a Better Living

Calm: This is a free app for iOS devices that does exactly what it says – calming your mind by reducing stress and anxiety. Calm features a seven-step program comprising of tools that will help your mind to become calmer. Each of these sessions ranges from two to 30 minutes. Apart from its guided relaxation sessions, Calm offers 10 beautiful nature scenes so that you can select a calming background for your smartphone. The USP of this app for iOS devices is its two-minutes guided relaxation session, which eliminates all your excuses of not having enough time to spare.

Cost: Free

Equanimity: Designed in 2009, this sleep app for iOS devices helps users to meditate. Users are allowed to time their sittings, track their meditation schedules with the help of various useful graphs, and journal their post-meditation thoughts and observations. Equanimity offers tracking tools to help users in monitoring their meditation schedule as well as to notice quickly if they are slipping out of their routine. This helps to maintain your Zen post-meditation. It also has some cool chimes that you can set to go off at the end of your meditation session or even during it.

Cost: $4.99

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