Increased Email Unsubscribe Rate? Follow these Tips!

Is your email unsubscribe rate increasing by the day? A normal unsubscribe rate should be around 3 percent for a time period of thirty days. Do most of your consumers unsubscribe within 30 days of subscribing? If so, you should take steps through which you can decrease this rate. It is essential that you market your emails to the right consumer set. Do not create lengthy emails that people don’t feel like reading at all. People are more likely to unsubscribe quickly, if they find irrelevant and lengthy mails. A good email marketing strategy should not only focus on sending emails, but also ensure that they are opened by the consumers. Engaging the users is really essential. Here are some tips which can help you improve your email marketing campaign.

Tips to improve Email subscription

  • Timely Mails

You must know the optimal time of the day when you should send your emails. As per a survey, the best time for email marketing is during weekends and at late nights. You will face less competition at that time and you can draw the attention of people who stay up late. With timely emails, you will see a hike in the email open rates as well as the click through rates. Even revenues for each mail will increase.

  • Subject Line

Beware of using all capitals in the subject line. If you think that by using all capital letters and numerous exclamation marks in the subject line, you can draw the attention of the readers, you are completely mistaken. Instead the readers are more likely to send the mails straight to spam.

  • Customized Mails

Instead of creating a single mail and sending it to a bunch of consumers, it is a good practice to send customized emails. When your consumers get relevant emails, they are more likely to open and read them. With the available data of your customers, you can segregate them into different groups based on their interests, shopping habits or location. Now you can create relevant emails and send them as per the groups.

  • Optimizing for Mobiles

If you are still planning your email marketing strategy, keeping desktop and laptop users in mind, you are lagging behind others. At a time, when most of your consumers check their mails using mobile devices, it is essential that you optimize your emails for these devices. If your emails can’t be opened or read from these devices, you face the risk of losing many consumers. As per a survey conducted in 2013, only 12 percent emails had a responsive design, when the condition is that 30 percent of users will unsubscribe if the emails do not work properly in their mobile devices.

  • Purpose of your Email

Your emails must have a purpose. It should be able to engage the consumers. When creating your strategy, bear in mind that your emails must have a strong call to action.

Use these tips, increase user engagement and decrease your email unsubscribe rate.

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