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Content-MarketingHave you ever wondered if there is anything that is more important than content to help you market your business! All these years content was considered the peerless “king” in the world of online marketing. Now I am not saying content is no more important, it still holds its position but it is time to evaluate the reason behind creating content or doing content marketing for your business. And the only reason is to create familiarity and trust for your business. So if you were thinking to create content for selling your specific product or service, think again. The better and viable option would be to create content for selling you the potential customers. And if you are successful in that, trust is only a matter of time, which in turn, helps in your overall sales.

Content marketing is getting a lot of online attention lately, but as a small business you need to go beyond the tried and tested content marketing practices to create a buzz in the web sphere. And when it comes to content marketing, the first tip is to write what your readers want to read and not what you would like them to read. For a successful content marketing effort you must remember that it is never about you or your company; rather, it is always about your readers or potential customers. You should write for the readers, answer their queries through your content. Make sure, the content must provide something valuable to your readers.

In other words, your main focus should be to help your targeted audience through your content. You need to create a trusting relationship and to do so one of the best ways is to offer required information and answer customer questions  in a honest and transparent way. Don’t try to push sales through your content; however, you are free to refer to a product or service you are offering if it is part of your message. Here, you must ensure that the content doesn’t sound like an advertisement or looks like a sales letter.  Now if you are wondering what to write, it can be anything from personal/ success stories to information and entertainment to infotainment, based on your target audience. Also, build content for all kind of readers, branching out from your typical niche and start targeting readers from various other related niches. For this, you don’t have to shift away from your core demographics. You can stick to your specific niche, but use your imagination in finding out the other related things your target customers are interested in.  Another tip is referencing other industry experts to add something more valuable to the conversation. When you refer to other market players it makes you look more confident and trustworthy to your readers.

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