10 Steps to Generate Leads with the Right Content Marketing Strategy

With the maturity of social strategy oriented goals, a shift in approach is perceptible. Focus has shifted from the ‘like-based’ social strategy to the ‘lead-based’ social strategy. However, this shift isn’t as quick paced as it sounds.

It has taken time to create the path to make this shift. It wasn’t a simple and straightforward process either. Most of the times, this shift took a circuitous path that business’s needed time to understand and even more time to implement.

Focusing too much on ‘likes’ often doesn’t get you anywhere, unlike what was believed initially. The emphasis on getting ‘leads’, however, can help ensure that the content marketing strategy is a success. After all, it is the bottom line of a business.

How you plan to use your content marketing strategy plays a key role in how it benefits your business. Any lack of emphasis on the lead generation aspect of content marketing may result in utter failure of the entire strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s take a close look at how you can make your content marketing strategy a success.


Create social channel architecture. Make sure your social channels and business objectives correspond to each other. This often requires steps such as ensuring branding consistency and creating a single measurement platform.

Defining the social channels doesn’t seem to be too challenging a task. However, it has big benefits. It helps in creating appropriate social channel architecture. It also helps in preparing the channels to handle the enhanced prospects.

Step 2:

Expand the fan following. Your next target should be to enhance the subscriber base across the social channels you utilize. Identify the ways, such as incorporation of best practices and experimentation with advertisements, you can achieve this.

Along with the strategies, you also need to make people accountable for the success of the implementation of the strategies. A leader board to assess monthly increase in the numbers makes it easier to keep everyone on track.

Step 3:

Use a blog to attract traffic. A blog gives you a space to share your knowledge, opinions, thoughts and views on your niche and related topics. It is also a great tool to build up social conversations.

Blogging, done with the qualitative and quantitative facets in focus, can enhance inbound traffic with ease. Utilize your social channels to drive traffic to the blog. Once it is a success, it would prove to be the building block of your content marketing plan.

Step 4:

Keep the audience occupied. No content marketing plan can be successful if the key element fails to impress. Yes, the content needs to keep the traffic engaged and also keep craving for more.

Only when you have attracting and delighting content, you can keep the expanded number of subscribers from leaving you. Create content that gets likes and shares on social channels. And content that the community talks about.

Step 5

Check which offers work. Place an offer at each stage of the purchase process. Be it at the demo or the trial; incorporate an offer that suits the stage to test its success. You may be surprised by the results.

It may be a video or an eBook or a webinar. The offer must cater to the pertinent question that the customers have. With adequate experimentation, you would be able to identify what works at which stage.

Step 6

Highlight the offers. You have created a host of offers that are sure to succeed once the customers know about them. The only problem is you never promote them. Your customers may not even be aware of the offers in the absence of promotions.

Use the social channels to reach out to the target customers to tell them about the offers you have for them. Utilize platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn to broaden the reach of your offers.

Step 7

Evaluate every aspect. It is important to keep track of the campaigns. Otherwise, management may get out of hand. The campaign ID can help you track the point from which a lead was generated.

It is imperative that you create a dashboard to manage the details of every lead. Make sure it includes the option to measure the quality, identify the channel and note the closed business of a lead.

Step 8

Create relationships. A lead collected from your website is often more aware of the solutions you provide. However, this isn’t the case with a lead generated from your blog or your Facebook page. They aren’t often aware about the solutions.

If you hand over such a lead to your marketing team immediately, the chances are higher that it won’t be of any good. Instead, you need to create a personalized experience for the lead to understand your solutions before trying to close business.

Step 9

Track the leads. Once you have prepared the content marketing plan and implemented it, you would find leads flowing in from the social channels. You need to keep track of everything on a regular basis.

With regular tracking of the social channels and the leads generated from them, you can later consider whether investing more time and effort into this is a good idea for your business. It also helps you find out which offers are best for increasing leads.

Step 10

Utilize your networks. Before you introduce a piece of content, make sure you involve everyone associated with the plan. Once it is published, ask them to share it with their contacts. This helps to enhance the reach of your plan.

Your employees and partners can take the content to the next circle of contacts. Also, make sure that the sharing of the content is relevant. Otherwise, the result wouldn’t be as satisfactory as you want it to be.

With a little attention to details, you can succeed in your endeavor to generate leads.

Content marketing isn’t all about increasing the number of ‘likes’. Today’s competitive market demands more. Successful content marketing is that which is capable of driving ‘leads’, the requirement of every business.

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Michael Evans is a blogger and conversion optimizer. He is currently doing conversion optimization for UK’s leading supplier of security posts – Parking-Posts.com.

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