Controlling Your Career

Controlling Your CareerAmidst this existing economic turbulence, there lie both opportunities and challenges to control your career. The relationship between employees and companies has been going through a fundamental shift all across the world. It is now becoming more mature adult-to-adult relationship, which is balanced in its nature. But to make the most of it you need to concentrate more on your working life, while understanding your new responsibilities and commitments.

To begin with, never let your context overwhelm you. Though at times context can be overwhelming but if you let that feeling prevail, it will hardly allow you to see and explore the real options against which you can make choices. You need to look forward to see choices you can make. It is essential to be very clear sighted to be able to work out your choices and then pursue them. So from today onward, make your own context.

Another important factor that you need to consider in order to control your career is to be technologically sound. In this new age, it has become important to work proficiently and engage with leading technologies. These days, technology and productivity goes hand in hand so there is no point being traditionalists. Rather, you must be aware and work comfortably with the latest technological advancements to boost your productivity and innovation significantly. In fact, people are responding very well to this shift. More number of users is buying their own technological tools instead of waiting for their companies to introduce it.

You must also be in control of your competencies. You need to learn from your work on a regular basis to excel in your respective domain. This also provides opportunities for stretching your work and makes it more exciting with your talented peers. Developing your intellectual capital and skill will also make your more employable for the long term by improving your personal resilience and capability.

Finally, you need to have enough courage for making the hard choices. The shifting patterns of demography and longevity will change your working life and need to face the hard choices with passion and dignity. The choices may include building a career that allows you to work longer, be prepared to save a significant part of your income all through your working life, and live simply and reduce your consumption. You may not make all of them, but you have to take at least one of these choices as an adult to make most of the future.


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