Mobile Marketing Trends for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s high time for marketers to have their stats clear. Mobiles have changed the way in which people used to make their purchases. With this shift in the purchasing behavior of consumers, brands are also making necessary changes in their marketing strategies. Shopping will be high on the agenda of people, with holidays knocking on their doors.  If you want to make it big in this holiday season, it’s essential to know about the latest mobile marketing trends. In this article, we have provided you with the latest trends that are in this season.


Ecommerce on the Rise

Traditional retailers are facing a huge setback due to the rise of e-commerce. What will be the effect on revenue, if you keep your store closed for one day every week? Probably now you can understand the impact of not having a website which is optimized for mobiles. The number of consumers searching for products with their tablets or smartphones is increasing by the day. Those opting for online purchases are even more. It is obvious that people will bypass physical purchase when they can do it with a single click sitting in the comforts of their home or office. So, you need to keep this trend in mind when you are devising your mobile marketing strategy.

Changing Aspects of Mobile Ads

Advertising through mobiles will be done in different ways. Based on the consumers’ interests and their geo locations, custom messaging will be used for advertising. This will increase users’ engagement and they will be more intended to make their purchase. Search engines and key mobile shopping apps will offer different social plug-ins. These will in turn, be used to improve the shopping experience for users by providing them with appropriate purchase references. For improving brand engagement as well as purchase intent, Facebook and Twitter will play a key role. These social media sites will influence consumer habits in a significant way.

As an advertiser, if you want to rope in the mobile consumers, you have to keep your site mobile friendly. Having a mobile app for your site will be even better. To monetize it, you can provide discounts or other incentives to your consumers, if they download it. Apart from that, you have to promote your brand across every possible media, leave alone mobile. You have to use the power of mobile marketing along with other traditional and social forms of marketing to get the maximum results.

‘Website and Mobile App Custom Audiences’ Feature of Facebook

With the introduction of this new feature, you can now retarget users who access Facebook mobile. Apart from the same features of Facebook’s customary audience viz. interests, location, age, gender, this new addition will let you connect exclusive data with Facebook profiles which are associated with it. This will help you to take advantage of the multi-channel user base.

Prepare a strong mobile marketing strategy to attract mobile users today and see the cash flowing in this holiday season.

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