Black Friday Online Shopping Hits a Record High

Finally the wait is over. The results are out for everyone to see. Several speculations were made regarding the sales record prior to Black Friday. There were many who were vehemently against shopping on this day. However, the results have proved that there are a lot more people who have done their holiday shopping on this day. In fact, online shopping has hit a record high. As per the records, online spending has increased 15%, with more consumers opting for shopping from the comforts of their home or office, instead of jostling with the crowd at stores.

Black Friday Online Shopping

New online spending record for Black Friday

With 15 percent increase, online spending made a record $1.20 billion on Black Friday. This year, the increasing trend in online shopping has been seen right from the beginning of this holiday season. As per reports of ComScore Inc. (SCOR), in the first 29 days of the holiday season itself, the overall e-commerce sales were recorded at $20.6 billion. When compared to last year, from 1st November to Black Friday, this year saw a hike of around 3.1 percent. However, in 2013, there were more days for shopping, than last year, as Thanksgiving was at a later date.

Why this surge in online sales?

While many would still prefer to go the traditional way while shopping, the number of people opting for online shopping is increasing by the day. Apart from the traditional desktops and laptops, people now have many other means to access the Web. Tablets and smartphones have made it easier for individuals to browse online, even while on the go. As a result, more hours are being dedicated to shopping. This has in turn, led to the surge in online sales.

Online shopping gaining importance

Generally, Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day mark the beginning of shopping for the holiday season. Serpentine queues in stores are a common sight. Now, online shopping is also fast gaining importance for these two days, along with shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. There are many who do not want to face the immense rush in these stores. They would rather make their purchase in a few clicks. In 2013, 66 million Americans (the highest till date) have completed their shopping through the Web.

When Black Friday is there, can Thanksgiving Day be far behind

When we are talking about Black Friday sales record, it goes without saying, that Thanksgiving Day has also seen a similar trend. As per ComScore reports, online purchases on Thanksgiving Day increased 21% taking it to $766 million.

This record is enough to show the increase in online shoppers. So, online retailers who haven’t yet optimized their websites for holiday season shopping, must take a cue from these records and prepare their site to deal with the shopping surge.

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